Lunch & Dinner Café BROEDERS Wassenaar NEDERLANDS
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About us

In the early 1990s the twin brothers Danny & Ronald, born and raised in Wassenaar, sat on the terrace of Café Restaurant "Neuf" in the center of this beautiful village and said: "If we ever start for ourselves we will do it here".

After a workingtour through the catering industry in and around The Hague, the brothers took the brutal step in mid-1998 to approach the then owner with the question of whether they could take over the business.

To their great surprise, the answer was yes, and from that moment on everything went at a breakneck speed and April 1, 1999 it had turned into a modern and contemporary Lunch & Dinner Café that was unprecedented in Wassenaar.

The Wassenaar audience embraced the new formula from day 1 and BROEDERS was able to grow into the business that it has now become, for 20 years the "living Room" of many Wassenaarder, Expat and Tourist.